James Cooper Mansion


Toronto, Ontario
Construction: 2008 – 2009

Architect: Burka Architects Inc.
Client and Owner: Tridel
Shoring Contractor: Deep Foundations Contractors Inc.

The James Cooper House, built in 1881 and known for its Second Empire architectural style, was recently transformed by Tridel into a 33 storey condo development, and is now known as one of Toronto’s most notable and impressive heritage conservation success stories. In order to highlight the historic house and make room for a parking garage, the 940 ton structure was picked up by Laurie McCulloch, and moved 20 feet towards the sidewalk. The house is now used as a communal space for residents and demonstrates that heritage buildings can be successfully integrated into modern design.

Isherwood designed a caisson wall shoring system using tiebacks and strut-like corner braces to facilitate underground construction. To support the James Cooper House during its move and throughout excavation, steel-encased 750mm permanent structural caissons were drilled and a transfer slab was installed at grade. Mining excavation was performed under the transfer slab while the house was supported above.